Who we are

“Our purpose when we started our organization was to work on something productive but different from the cultural roles usually assigned to women. In our communities women dedicate their time to the upbringing of children and the domestic tasks as sowing, embroidering, and taking care of backyard livestock. This is what we normally do, but we also would like to do other activities that make us feel comfortable and which would be of any help to our culture and nature. This are the reasons why the twelve women founded the organization and began to talk about our dreams and about an activity that was done before that has not been practiced in a lot of years”, Leydi Pech 2011

“Our grandparents used to cultivate them and used the honey for healing purposes. Our mission is the recovery and conservation thus to pass on this knowledge to our children,”  Leydi Pech 2011.

“We want to prove that the Xuna ‘an Kab bee (Melipona) areas important as the apis bees for our environment. Our goal is that they be recognized as native species”, Leydi Pech 2011.


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