Xunan an Kab – melipona bees

“I am convinced they are of great importance to our environment. They are very loyal and their honey produced is different and to transmit our traditional knowledge through generations,” Leydi Pech 2011

How important is nature to you and to your group and culture?

“The respect for nature is very important to me. The conservation of species that are fundamental for the life of people, plants, and animals depends on her. It gives us our food,” Leydi Pech 2011

What are some of your environmental Mayan traditions?

“The Uku ‘ulkab, and the Tisk ka’an”, Leydi Pech 2011

What is your connection with bees and nature?

“The pollination of local species

Their natural habitat should be less disturbed” Leydi Pech 2011

What is the connection of nature and traditions?

“The cultural practices are done in times and seasons according to our culture. For example, the honey is harvested and the bee reproduced,” Leydi Pech 2011


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